The Africa’s Top 100 Businesses Awards supported by Ming Media and Travel Africa seek to recognize and reward excellence in service, quality, value, experience, creativity and innovation in the Hospitality and Tourist Attraction sectors.
 It is our way of promoting the very best in Africa to ensure the rest of the world is aware of the extraordinary experiences they can enjoy when the visit this great continent and your establishment. All nominees will be given the opportunity to accept or decline their nomination, only once you accept your nomination you will be part of the Top 100
Participation alone delivers brand growth, as an official participant, the Top 100 will not only inspire the confidence of guests and retain a loyal clientele in this highly competitive market, but it will also stimulate continuous growth and development of your establishment.  You have been nominated by a public nomination as one of the Top 10 in your Province and Category, only Gauteng will have  a Top 11 in the nominated category  to for the Top 100 in the Country. The awards are very well recognized in Africa with more than 40 000 views of our website. Being nominated and taking part, gives you the exposure in the community to show that you are among the the best of the best in the country. 
The purpose of the awards is to uplift the hospitality industry in Namibia by acknowledging local hospitality industry and supporting key industry players becoming more and more performance driven by publishing the Top 100 in our Magazine with a full page interview and photos of your establishment.
Quick question, which of these sounds better to you and makes you want to click? “Guest house in Pretoria” or “Award winning Guest house in Pretoria”?  The second one right? A phrase like “Award Winning, Top 10,  or ranked in the top #100 establishes immediate credibility and entices potential guests to choose you over the competition.
When we make your formal announcement, we reach out to the tourism and hospitality extensive circulation as well as our social media followers and where appropriate, our partner networks to promote the news. Feature in the South Africa’s Top 100 Businesses Magazine. This is a high end, top quality magazine aimed at providing the Top 100 businesses and inspiration, practical tips, advice and a dedicated focus on the Top 100 Businesses listed on our website and will also feature along with related articles This is where your interview will feature.
Is there a financial obligation?
Submitting entries is free of charge, If nominated and short-listed into the Top 10 / 11 and you would like to go ahead and be part of this prestigious award, only pay the registration fee of R1400.00 if you would like to receive your invoice first to go ahead simply reply to this email.
Why a registration fee?
The awards are conducted without the need for frivolous ceremonies where you’d be invited to a social event with the condition of spending a large sum on a table or seat, flight just to name a few. That's why the registration fee is R1400 once off. If the Top 10/11 that are interested in purchasing decorative items such as trophies, car magnets, cups, mouse pads or wall plaques to commemorate their award and display to customers can just ask for the price list.

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